Friday, January 10, 2014

Extra Driving Lessons? Say Yes!

Maybe you are a fledgling teen or young adult driver, eager to score a driver’s license along with some newfound freedoms. Or perhaps you are new to the country and need to learn the American system of driving laws and road signs. It could be that you just haven’t driven yourself around in a while, even though you got your license years ago, and now you could use a refresher course to boost your confidence. In the state of California, a new driver is only required to have six hours of professional driving instruction, and for someone who is trying to juggle the multiple tasks that are driving a car, six hours just isn’t enough to make you a safe driver on anything faster or more complicated than a quiet residential street. Highway traffic at rush hour? Forget about it! Real freedom means being confident in your driving skills, and when you have the opportunity for extra instruction, you should say yes to Primo driving lessons.

The Nature of Driving a Car

Driving is complicated. You must juggle several individual tasks at once while continuing to maintain focus on the road and awareness of nearby drivers and your surroundings. For new drivers, it’s overwhelming and sometimes very frustrating. Only through lots of practice do all those individual tasks become smooth and automatic. But as anyone can tell you who has worked hard to perfect a sport or talent, only perfect practice makes perfect. Start your driving experience on the wrong track, and chances are that you will be more likely to suffer an injury in an accident or seriously compromise your safety and the safety of others. There is definitely an art that goes along with the science of maneuvering a vehicle through crowded traffic conditions or on roads made dangerous from bad weather, both types of situations you are almost certain to encounter multiple times in your driving life.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Most people drive, but not all of those drivers are good drivers. For whatever reason, there are people on the roads who give no thought to their own or others’ safety by driving at too high of speeds for the situation, failing to signal their intentions, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As you embark on your journey to a driver’s license, it will be your job to learn the rules of the road, how the vehicle works, and get the practical experience of actually driving among other drivers in both ideal and less than ideal situations while getting help from a professional instructor. Instructors at a driving school in Santa Monica know the rules and can control the situation in order to teach you valuable lessons. While you practice with an instructor, you cement good driving habits early on, which will only increase your safety throughout your life. Too little instruction means that you will have to fill in gaps with your best guess, and if that best guess leads to a bad driving habit, you’ll have to work hard to change it later on or suffer the consequences. When you have the option of increasing your driving practice with a professional instructor, don’t hesitate to accept. The cost of extra Primo driving lessons will more than be repaid by the excellent driving skills you learn and that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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