Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Role Environment Plays in Addiction

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or even dangerous eating habits can be very frustrating to deal with. Whether you want help yourself or a family member, it can be difficult knowing where to start. If you’re trying to understand an addiction, a great way to start is by looking at the impact that environment has on an individual’s addictions. No man is an island, our behavior is influenced by where we are just as much as it is by who we are. A person’s environment plays an important role forming addictions and in the likelihood of relapse.

Drug Addiction

Forming Addictions
In many cases, a person’s environment plays an important role in the formation of their habits and addiction. If a person has siblings or friends that encourage the addiction, they are more likely to become addicted. Spending time in a bad neighborhood, surrounded by people pushing or indulging in addictive substances, can spell disaster for individuals who otherwise would have been unlikely to form addictions. One of the reasons addiction spreads from generation to generation is that many don’t have the means to escape their poor environments.
Rehabilitation centers serve as a clean environment where people suffering from addictions can recover. It is a place where somebody who has built up a drug dependence can be weaned off the drug in a safe setting. It’s also a place where individuals are surrounded with support. They don’t have to worry about working and other daily chores, so they can focus on getting better physically and mentally.
Environment plays a huge role in the likelihood of an individual to relapse. Many individuals show great progress throughout an inpatient rehab center stay, only to relapse a short time after it ends. This is because people go back into the same toxic environments that led to their addiction in the first place. Whether you want to prevent a child from getting mixed up with drugs or you want to make sure you or a loved one don’t relapse after a stay at rehabilitation centre, make whatever positive changes to your environment that you can.


  1. drug addiction is irresistible, a good rehab is needed to help a person overcome it

  2. This is so helpful - indeed going back to nature is something going to be helpful for the long term.

  3. That is always my fear for my kids when they griow up.

  4. I am pretty sure that addiction is a very hard thing to overcome if you don't have help from professionals, there are things we didn't noticed that we are getting addicted to use until one person would tell us about it. good thing there are rehab places that are willing to help and give those sickness a second chance to live life without being buried with their addictions

  5. The environment we live influences the lifestyle we lead.

  6. Sometimes, peer pressure can be too much to bear for a person with weak self control and low self esteem. I have seen the ugly side of addiction first hand. One of my sibling was into substance for sometime. We had to interfere as it my sibling's life was spiraling out of control. We took my sibling to a rehab center in Luzon. My sibling was there for half a year and it was a non-medication rehab center to purge the impurities my sibling ingested through the years. I am happy that my sibling has now moved on from there. It was the darkest moment in my sibling's life but I am happy that we interfered and did the right thing. We could have lost my sibling to addiction if we didn't make a move.

    Addiction is an ugly sickness of society. It's hold to people who cannot say no is too strong. It's very difficult to eradicate it. It's already a disease... But we are thankful for rehab centers.

  7. This is so true. How can you expect someone to change if you put him again in the same situation you found him in. A change of environment would do the trick and it will help clear mind and brings new perspectives as well.


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