Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swimming Must Haves

What is inside your swim bag? Aside from the fact that it’s annoying to carry a heavy bag, there is no point of bringing stuffs that do not have use at all. So, we certainly need to think and make a list of what we really need to put inside our swim bags. 

Here’s inside my bag:
  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Bottle of water
  3. Sun glasses
  4. Beach towel
  5. Sun protection with SPF 15 or greater
  6. Swimsuits/ patagonia swimwear
  7. Hat
  8. After Sun Spray/ After Sun Soothers
  9. Nice Pair of Flip Flop
  10. Sun Protecting Lip Balm
  11. Toiletries (small containers are more convenient)
  12. Small bag for make-up (that is when I’m tired of the water and the sun)
  13. Mints
  14. Hair tie (because I have long hair, I don’t want them all over my face when swimming)
  15. A good book to read while sun bathing
  16. Waterproof Camera
  17. Small purse for money
  18. Spare clothes
  19. Mobile Phone
  20. Small notebook and pen (hey I’m a writer, these I won’t forget)

I think that’s it. How about you, what’s inside your swim bag? 


  1. Thanks for this list sis.. you really didn't miss out a thing...[pakopya, hehehe] and the last one ... chill!

  2. Your comprehensive list just about covers everything that should be contained in the bag on a swimming adventure.

  3. Great list sis. I wish I have a water proof camera hehehe. I think I have to invest in buying a good beach hat.

  4. I think I have half of your list that I don't have in my beach bag:)But I will keep this list in mind:) thanks for sharing what's in your beach bag.

  5. This is a good tips as summer is approaching.

  6. Nice list. I am guilty of not putting first aid kit in my swimming bag. LOL

  7. Thanks for the list sis! I'm not a beach comer nor fancy having sands wedged in between my toes but my family does. It is nice to have this list ready for reference so I don't have to scamper around looking for this or that. It's a great help to have your list.

    Ria C

  8. very practical list, i don't really have a lot in my swim bag, maybe, i leave most in the car. i just have my wet suit, sun block, small underwater camera ( I love taking pics of fishes, etc), waterproofed cell phone, snorkeling gears, and i think, that's it. usually, after i am done in the water, i walk back to the car and get the clothes i needed to change.

  9. The top three things that I always carry with me during pool or beach outings are mobile phones, sunnies and makeup kits! I don't usually enjoy swimming kasi kaya I only bring my swimwears when I have plans of swimming with friends.. Hehe

  10. hmmm a complete list of items to have while enjoying the sea and sun! I would love to have an underwater camera soon! gee but I have to learn how to swim first! :) and I have to keep losing weight to fit in swimsuits hahaha, lovely post :) makes me want to head for the beach now! :)

  11. That's a lot! Hehe! I only make do with the SPF 60 sunblock lotion, flip flop and sunglasses. And yeah! My swimming gear ;-)

    By going through the list, I'd probably bring a big handbag on the next swimming adventure ;-) Thanks for these very helpful list, Len.

  12. Among the list, I found out that I always carry 4 out of the 20 that's listed above every time I go to the beach.

  13. this is such a great list. i am usually bringing a lot, having two kids around...but most of them stay in the room. we usually walk to the beach all ready to play in the sand and enjoy the sea and sun! we just bring those basic stuff to the beach/pool area. anyway, i wish to have waterproof camera. thanks for sharing your list.


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