Thursday, May 21, 2020

Facing Different Kinds of Stress

Traditionally, we go to places to unwind and clear our minds from worries or anything that keeps us stress for a day or week. That is still a good idea.

Different people are expose in different kinds of stressful events or circumstances. As we allow those things to occupy our minds, our bodies tend to react on them and keeps us down. We surely do not want that to happen.

In our work, for example, there are situations that we cannot avoid. These situations can either be good or bad. For good, well things can be brighter ahead of us. But when there are bad instances, everything else can fall apart. It is just right to face every situation with clear mind and appropriate actions. 

Facing different kinds of stress can sometimes be challenging. But with the right move, you will be alright. 

For me there are few things that we can do to fight stress. First, live a healthy and happy life by eating healthy and exercise regularly. Second, live one day at a time. You cannot solve all problems in a day.  Third, every problem has a solution. Giving up is not an option. Just focus and don't worry of not getting the solution right the first time. Fourth, include music in your life. Music is a known aid in releasing stress in our lives. Listen to a song you adore so much. Play an instrument like drums, guitar, violin, saxophone or anything else you want. Finally, always find time to meditate, pray and love. These will rejuvenate us from inside to outside. 

We are created above all things. We have a God that is bigger than any of our problems. DO NOT let stress get you. Instead, remember that YOU GOT THIS.