Thursday, April 13, 2017

Have a Blessed Holy Week

It's the time of the year when all people are busy for all different reasons. Some are busy in remembering the main reason of Holy Week and that is the sacrifice Jesus did to save us from our sins. Reenactments, passions, stations of the Cross, "Bisita Iglesia", and other more rituals and traditions in different part of the country. 

Some of us is using these holidays to unwind and just be quiet in a family get-away. Some of us it's there just to be with friends and have fun in their own ways, mostly swimming. Whatever it is, don't forget to say a prayer to our heavenly Father for the great thing He did for us, sending us His son to die for us so we can live and enjoy His blessings. We can also sing our hearts with praises and thanksgiving to honour Jesus in our lives. If you can play instruments, do so. 

Have a Blessed Holy Week, Be safe and God be with us all. 

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