CPD on License Renewal

How is you work today? Hope you are all doing great. I recently read that changes have been made in rebewing a professional license. CPD will be required in renewing licenses come July 2017 (just correct me if you kjnow more about this thing).

I am not so sure of what to feel about this. I am not going out the street and play clarinet instrument to  rejoice because I can then meet my collegues in some seminar. Please do not get me wrong, I am delighted that CPD will be implemented but how is it for the licensed professionals abroad? I cannot see a clear statement about this. I can't even access PRC website as of this moment. Again, if you have other information about this, please comment below. 

I will get back to you guys for more clear notes on this. In the mean time, if you're license is due to expire in a year, you can renew it now to avoid the CPD next year. If you're licensed expired a long time ago, renew it now. Just be ready to pay the penalty cost on top of Php 450 renewal fee. 

Talk to you again soon. Have a blessed Wednesday. 

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