Thursday, September 15, 2016

Travelling Pharmacist

Guitar and Rose by Scoop and Snap

In lieu to my recent travel in Ireland, I happened to see the glimpse of the lovely culture of Irish people. One thing that surface more is their absolute love of music. It's like having guitar center hour in every popular street of Dublin. The food and people are equally amazing. To top it all, the green pasteur made me fall down to my knees. 

If you are to ask me, how's the Pharmacy Practice here? It is far more different back home. If you are used to easy dispensing of medicine, you will be shocked on the difference. Let me elaborate that on my next post so stay tune.

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  1. Same here, you hve to have prescroption for certain type of meds. You can't jjust buy it.. I am jealous, you get to roam around Ireland lol.


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