Thursday, September 22, 2016

Toddler's Development

Toodlers grow so fast. At one point they are climbing up the chair and then suddenly they are in the virtue of communicating with you. That all start by using words to connote the things they see. Followed by two-word sentence and everything else follow so quickly.

Monitoring their growth both cognitive and language development is one primary task of parents. Involving our tots in different activities indoor and outdoor will encourage those developments in a more rewarding manner. Among these activities are the following:

  • playing with legos or wooden blocks
  • allowing them to play with toys that involve their sense of touch
  • introduce music to them by singing nursery rhymes, playing instruments like piano for toddlers
  • reading stories with them
  • take toddlers for a walk in a park or even just around the village
  • teach them to organize, starting with their toys
  • teach them new words by labeling things around your house

These are just few things that can help in your toddler's development. I'm sure you can come up with dozen more. Just keep in mind that we, parents, should also be involved in those activities that will lead us to develop our relationship with them.

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