Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10 Winter Diseases

Now that the winter is very near, having enough information about different diseases that occur during this season is something we should do. This is the best way to keep ourselves from catching one. Prevention is the best cure as they said.

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There 10 common winter diseases.

  1. Flu or influenza
  2.  Colds
  3. Asthma
  4. Sore Throat
  5. Cold Sores
  6. Norovirus
  7. Painful Joints
  8. Dry Skin
  9. Cold Hands
  10. Heart Attacks
Description of each disease is discussed at NHS health risks page

During winter season, if possibly staying inside our houses is the not a bad idea. Just make sure that you have all need and you have something to make yourselves busy. If you have kids, be equipped with numerous ideas for their activities. Learning new things is one including musical instruments like keyboard, violin, guitar and the like. In cold nights, cuddling under a warm blanket with a great movie to watch and popcorn on the side. If you then choose to walk outside, make sure to wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Wear scarves and gloves too. 

Be safe and have a lovely winter. 


  1. I like winter but I don't like any of those diseases! Not a single one! It ruins the entire season! Hahaha!

  2. My family always make it a point to keep our immune system up, regardless of the season. We take supplements and load up on vitamin C and zinc. Getting sick is something we try to avoid as much as possible, so we go for prevention rather than cure.

  3. Winter is a hard time for me sis, I am living here for more than a decade now but still bothered by cold hehehe. Gloves is a must for me and hat too.

  4. Very true here, that's why we need to eat fruits and vegetables that are healthy with the vitamins and minerals that we needed in order to prevent from getting sick.

  5. I couldn't agree more with the diseases you have on the list. Most of them are equally problematic during the hot season.


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