Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beware of Cosmetic Products with Lead and Other Heavy Metals

Majority of us, men and women alike, are using cosmetic products. Most of us knew as well that "lead and other heavy metals" are found in most of these products such as lipstick, concealer, whitening toothpaste, foundations, sunscreen, nail polish, eyeliner, eye shadows, blush and even eye drops.

Being aware of such must have given us the idea that these lead, mercury and other heavy metals can do us more harm than good especially in the long run. There are health concerns like developmental and reproductive toxicity, cancer and allergies to name a few.

Cosmetic products with such component are unsafe for use that is why some countries ban and/or restrict their use.

FDA Philippines recently released an advisory concerning "unnotified cosmetic products with toxic level of lead and mercury". In this regard, all consumers are advised by FDA to buy and use cosmetic products that are approved by them to be out in the market.

Although, if the cosmetic contain heavy metals in it, it's more probably that it is not printed on the label. Avoiding them will be the best option there is. Or just use them occasionally. Still, reading the labels will be of great help. Look out for products with lead acetate, hydrogenated cotton seed oil, chromium thimerosal, and sodium hexametaphosphate. In buying sunscreen, limit yourself to those products with iron oxide and titanium dioxide.

Please see this link below for the official advisory and list of unnotified cosmetic products.

The information and reference materials contained here are intended solely for the general information of the reader and NOT intended to replace the official advisory. We are only helping the FDA Philippines in disseminating these announcements.  The owner of this site disclaims any responsibility for the decisions you make based on this information. 

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