Thursday, May 14, 2015

Music To Make Things Lighter

It's very important in pharmacy to have a very relaxing and inviting surrounding. Having music played regularly helps in that aspect. Just so lately, I visited a local pharmacy and such visit made my day. 

It allows me to forget my worries and enjoy myself for a moment. Well, as we are all aware going to a drugstore is sometimes not pleasing especially when the staff hand us the price of what we are buying.

Good thing that our government is doing their great job in monitoring prices of medicines. I'm just so hoping the pharmacy owners and other big players are holding their end right on this matter. Just always consider buying generic drugs as they are made to make our life better without hurting our pockets.

Beware of Cosmetic Products with Lead and Other Heavy Metals

Majority of us, men and women alike, are using cosmetic products. Most of us knew as well that "lead and other heavy metals" are found in most of these products such as lipstick, concealer, whitening toothpaste, foundations, sunscreen, nail polish, eyeliner, eye shadows, blush and even eye drops.