Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy, many women may suffer from different minor health issues. In some case, there are more serious pregnancy complications that may arise. It's important not to neglect these complications as they may lead the mother and baby to trouble if not treated right. 

Monitoring blood sugar level 

One of these complications is called Gestational Diabetes. It is a form of diabetes that arises during pregnancy. This is  a condition in which a body cannot produce enough insulin to cope with the increased blood sugar levels. The main complication of having this condition is that baby can be very big making the delivery through vagina a difficult one. 

What are the risk factors of Gestational Diabetes?
  • over 35 of age
  • overweight
  • Asian
  • have a parent or sibling with diabetes
  • if you had it before
  • if previous baby was born with abnormality

What are the symptoms of Gestational Diabetes?
  • easily get tired
  • there's sugar in urine
  • excessive thirst
  • excessive urination

How to treat Gestational Diabetes?
  • sugar free-diet / well-balanced meal
  • oral medications
  • insulin injections
If you found out that you have gestational diabetes, do not panic. Hospitals have a diabetic team that will help you through this. If you can attend one of those lifestyle intervention to guide you on what foods to avoid, what to eat and what else you can do to control your blood sugar. Aside from following a free or low sugar diet, exercise plays an important role in managing diabetes. Always ask your, midwife or doctor what exercise routine that's best for you.

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