Monday, March 3, 2014

Health Risks of Sharing Microphones

Singers, broadcaster, reporter and other people that use microphone in their work are at great risk of acquiring germs and viruses that can be passed on through microphones. It only takes few seconds before another person can caught symptoms of flu and cold transferred via microphones. 

Staying healthy is not a problem if you know how to prevent catching diseases.

  • Always clean your hands properly especially after handling a microphone. 
  • If microphones are shared among group of people or passed on from one person to another, make sure to clean them afterwards.
  • If you can afford and if possible, have your own personal microphone. You can buy cool cheap microphones and you'll be miles away from grabbing the Streptococcal bacteria.
  • During flu and cold season, get a flu shot.
  • If ever you are sick, stay at home until you are well enough to face other people again. 

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