Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Music and Your Baby

During pregnancy, we heard not just once that music helps in stimulating babies' brains. Aside from the fact that music can help moms relax and stay calm especially when backache is too much or other symptoms of pregnancy arise.

One good thing we should know is that mom don't need to use headphone to transmit sound to the baby. The amniotic fluid is a very good conductor of sound. So just play the sound in your stereo as you go along your day. Using headphones can overstimulate the babies.

If you are using high-end devices in your home like m-audio profire 610, you can very well control the volume of the music for you and your baby. Stay away from too loud music or any other household sounds. Keep the volume below 50 dB. It's the safest volume for you and your baby.

Some household appliances create sounds louder than we required to hear. So the next time you are running the washing machine, keep a good distance from where it is. Don't also attempt to use the hair dryer in maximum speed as it produce 60 -95 dB. Leave the hoovering to your husbands as vacuum cleaner's noise is not only annoying but too loud for you and your baby.

Just word of advice, play the music because you enjoyed it and not because you are attempting to make your baby smarter. 

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