Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Music


The two important benefits of music in an individual are the following:

1. Helps in reducing levels of stress
2. Helps in improving the function of the body's immune system

There are studies stating that playing music and even listening to music can keep one away from disease because his/her body is producing more antibodies capable of fighting germs and bacteria.

If you wonder how does it helps one to be relieved from stress? Again, playing and listening to music helps in lowering the level of stress hormone called cortisol.

This is very true to me. Whenever I can feel headache is coming, I’ll just turn on my favorite Kenny G album and after a while, I feel more relax and re-charge.

I guess, whether we are listening to a classical album music or playing instruments like saxophone, piano or cheap sousaphone , the vital thing is that we enjoy every note. In that way, we can easily benefit from it.

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