Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Fight Child Obesity?

It's alarming to see overweight children. There are various things contributing to child obesity and there's a lot to do as well to fight it.

As adults responsible in looking after the little one, we should start on watching what we give them. Don't get use on giving big portions to children. Sometimes we forget that they don't need much food as we did.

It's important to be careful on what foods we put on our shopping cart and foods that we stack in our cupboards. Sugary and fatty foods are few of those we should avoid. Make it a habit to give nutritious foods to children such as fruits and vegetables.

Pushing kids to consume everything on their plates is not a good idea especially when they already had enough. It is vital as well to encourage them to drink plenty of water. Water and milk are said to be the ideal beverages for children, not fruit juices and fizzy drinks.

Every country have their own daily nutritional guide pyramid. In Philippines, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of Department of Science and Technology is responsible in setting this standard. The following images are from them.

Daily Nutritional Guide Pyramid for Filipino Children 1-6 years old

Daily Nutritional Guide Pyramid for Filipino Children 7 -12 years old
Daily Nutritional Guide Image Source: FNRI-DOST

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