Stress, Hierarchy, and a Healthy Work Environment

What kind of work environment creates a successful business? Many businesses have a hierarchical structure. Baboons also have hierarchical structures. The alpha males tend to beat up on the lower males and females on the totem pole. The lower a baboon is on the hierarchy the more poorly it will be treated by its peers. This is how it is in most baboon troops. However, a scientist named Dr. Robert Sapolsky followed a troop that had something interesting happen. The troop discovered a dumpster full of rotten meat. The alpha males quickly devoured the meat and left little to none for the lower males. The meat gave the alpha males tuberculosis and they died. This left the meek lower baboons to inherit control of the baboon troop. From that day forward the hierarchical society changed. In this particular troop the baboons treat every member with respect. New members to the group are taught to change their behavior and become more peaceful. If baboons can live in a stress free and positive group, people can learn to do the same. Baboons have much fewer responsibilities than humans so it takes effort to change behavior and relieve stress. Thankfully companies like HeartMath are combating the negative effects of stress at the corporate level. Changing the mentality of your entire workforce is possible and you don’t even need to feed anyone poisoned meat.

Good Stress and Bad Stress

Stress is a natural part of being alive. Stress is your best friend when something happens that could cause you to become injured or worse. Stress will turn an average person into a superhuman and give them enough strength, reflexes, and stamina to survive many life-threatening situations. It is when the stress response comes from situations which are not directly threatening that problems arise.
Fight Negative Stress and Create a Great Place to Work
Without a life-threatening situation to take care of the stress response creates a pool of energy that will end up unused. This excess energy is similar to the excess energy created by a candy bar. If it doesn’t get used up, it will go back into storage. This constant cycle of sugar in the bloodstream is just the surface of the damages stress can cause. Check out HeartMath for more information on how to fight against negative stress and create a healthy work environment for your employees.
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  1. Nice post and useful for me, Im so stressed at work at this time.

  2. Great post! I'll check out this Heart Math. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I had hypertension and weak immune system because of stress sis. There are just some kind of work that is highly stressful and I left that place because I value my sanity and health.

  4. I experienced this kind of feeling at work. For me, I believe that you have to love what you're doing in order to be happy with whatever the job is :)

  5. I'm really stressed nowadays, can't seem to finish anything. lol. More holidays=lesser work time.

  6. I don't like it when I am stressed out because I tend to have multiple body health issues.


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