Friday, December 6, 2013

Let the Creative Team Be Creative

The development of the web is an amazing thing. You can do almost anything in the virtual world, and many of those things were relegated to pencil and paper just 10 years ago. Things really started to change when Pixar showed what could be done with computers in 1995 with Toy Story. It took some more time after that for the public versions of the web to catch up, but now companies everywhere can get sophisticated and interactive websites for a fraction of what the development of Toy Story cost. There are many different platforms to choose from like Java and dot net. It just takes a good conversation with a web development team to find the right programming platform for what the company needs.

The Bad News

Of course, with the ease of development, it takes your company more innovation and more creativity to create something that will get people to your website and keep them there. That means that you have to be at the top of your game, and you have to let your creative team be creative, which sometimes feels like jumping off a cliff. Generally, businesses only want to do things that have been done before. Unfortunately, there are few businesses that are actually equipped to do those things better than the original business that implemented whatever they are. If you can’t do it better, you will be ridiculed for being unoriginal.

Reining In the Wild Ducks

The problem with creative types is that they sometimes are too far ahead of the crowd. If people aren’t ready to see something new, then the next company that implements the thing that failed for that first company will find success. It is a balancing act to let creative people be creative while still getting them to keep things simple enough for normal people.

Regardless of how you deal with the wild ducks, as IBM calls them, of your company, when it comes to computer projects, you will want to know what programming platform they are using. Whether it is Java, dot net, or something else, you will have the right platform for your website.


  1. I think aside from the initial investment, it's a lot cheaper doing the creative works digitally.

  2. Great perspectives! For a consumer like me who is sometimes afraid of change, it could be difficult.


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