Friday, December 13, 2013

How to Keep Your Cool While Golfing

There’s nothing more relaxing thaspending a morning on the golf course, but when your game starts going south, there’s nothing more infuriating. Many golf clubs have been destroyed by angry golfers who just shanked a shot. Whether you’re a thrower or a ground basher, losing your cool on the golf course is not only off-putting to those you’re with, but it can also become an expensive habit. Even those who golf regularly with memberships with Pacific Links International will find their temper rising from time to time. Golf is as much mental as it is physical, so there are a few mental tricks to help you remain calm.

Deep Breaths
After making a mistake that would usually cause you to throw a tantrum, take a few deep breaths first. The moment immediately after the swing is when you’re the most upset and the most likely to do something stupid. Every breath you take and every second that passes, you’ll find your frustration melting into mild disappointment, and you’ll at least have the rationale to not overreact.
Even Pros Make Mistakes
If you’re ever feeling bad about making the occasional mistake, just watch professionals play and you’ll see that even they make mistakes. Many sports are said to be games of inches, but golf is a game of centimeters. A fraction of an inch can be the difference between a great shot and a complete shank. So the next time you have a bad shot jeopardize the best game of your life, remember that you’re not a pro, and even if you were, mistakes are still possible.
Whenever you’re feeling upset or are wanting to complain about anything, including golf, gratitude can help. Instead of dwelling on the poor shot you hit, take an instant to remember where you are. You’re on a golf course, playing a sport you love. This is your leisure time, so don’t let a few poor shots turn what was supposed to be an enjoyable activity into a stressful one. Whether you’re a beginner or somebody who plays weekly, these tips will help you remain calm, which will help to prevent you from hitting more shanks.

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