Friday, December 13, 2013

Get Better Eyesight with Surgery

Not everyone who uses glasses or wears contacts is eligible to be a candidate for lasik eye surgery. To find out if you are, you will need to be examined by a professional, who can then tell you what the likelihood of success will be with the surgery if you are a candidate.

For those who are not candidates, the good news is that eyeglasses are fashionable. The hot librarian is in fashion, and even people who do not need glasses are wearing them with clear glass. Even if eyeglasses were not fashionable, those who wear them would still have some eye protection from random flying objects, which is pretty cool.
The bad news is that even with advances in plastic that create lighter lenses, glasses are still a burden on your face, and if they are not adjusted correctly, they can create marks on the bridge of your nose. For those who enjoy 3D movies, glasses can be a nuisance because the person will have to wear two pairs of glasses to see the movie clearly.
While contacts do not provide the eye protection that glasses do, they are preferred by some people who don’t think that they look good in glasses. Of course, contacts have their own issues. If you leave them in too long, your eye could suffer serious damage, and don’t ask anyone about the time that there was something on the contact that then got into the eye.
The good news is that people who wear contacts may have a better time dealing with eye surgery because they are used to putting their contacts in. Having a finger that close to the eye is an easy indicator that a person can handle the psychology of surgery adjustment.
LASIK is a procedure that has been done for a long time. The kinks have all been worked out, so there is a relatively small incidence of anything going wrong. The best part is that those who can have the surgery often experience eyesight improvement that is better than that of normal eyesight. It’s like getting a super power.

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