Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Benefits of Drinking Tea

Before, drinking tea for me is more about the things I do with it. Just like reading a book or talking to a family or friend. I don't even think of the how much good this magic drink can bring me. I read many articles naming the benefits of drinking tea. It surprise me that even a serious disease can be prevented while enjoying a nice cup of tea. 

nice cup of tea
Whether we allow ourselves to enjoy 2 or 5 cups a day, the benefits keep coming in. 

  1. All teas have antioxidants that can protect you from the effects of pollution and even counter the effects of aging.
  2. It protects your bones by improving bone mineral density and strength.
  3. Tea boost the immune system, allowing your body to fight infection and keeps us away from disease. 
  4. Drinking tea can increase you metabolism which later on leads to proper function of the digestive system and even lose weight in a long run. 
  5. In case you are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, the component of the tea helps in processing the sugar better. 
  6. Even though tea contains caffeine, still it keeps you hydrated. The number of cups you drunk is included in the daily required fluid needs. 
  7. Though the studies are not enough, tea is said to help fight cancer. 
  8. Any tea, especially green tea is calorie-free unless you add sugar in it. 
  9. Tea can help reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. 
  10. Tea can somehow help you protect from the danger of exposing your skin to UV rays. 
  11. Tea contains substance which is said to be effective in prevention and treatment of neurological conditions such as Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease. 

Experts recommend two to three cups of tea a day. For me, even better without sugar and milk.

How many cups of tea do you drink in a day? What are the health effects you notice?


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    1. Whaah, I have made several articles about tea. But you know what I hate tea even though I do know that tea has dozens of proven health benefit. Hanggang Coke lang ako.

    2. I am fond of drinking teas hot or cold (green tea, lagundi, orange-flavored tea). ^_^

    3. Tea is a wonderful gift from God, as what others may say. Precisely, a well-known beverages and I liked it. Your article speaks for itself.

    4. We love drinking iced tea but not really like this.

    5. Not really a big fan of tea because my tummy reacts differently to it. Although I do agree it has lots of benefits. :)

    6. i am not allergic to caffeine and i can handle one cup of coffee a day and a glass of tea a day too. however, i think i drink several glasses of tea some days, i love tea with lemon :)

    7. I drink tea a lot too. I drink chamomile tea for calming and relaxing feelings.

    8. I drink Puerh tea sis. Hubby got it from his trip from Beijing 2 months ago. It helps lower cholesterol levels. Now, instead of drinking soda, I just grab my tea pot and prepare myself some nice ginger/Puerh tea mix,

    9. well said and very informative, it's nice to learn about the benefits of drinking tea

    10. I have been drinking tea lately and green tea decaf at that. I love that it is very beneficial to the body. Even though I feel very sleepy without the caffeine, but I know my body will adjust to it.

    11. Drinking tea definitely has so much health benefits.

    12. I remember when my husband was still in the Navy, his doctor was amazed of how perfect his cholesterol was so he asked him what he was doing and my husband said that the oinly thing he does regularly is to drink tea. He drink iced tea though.

    13. I love tea, and I know that is has many benefits. I just cannot let go of coffee that's why it's still my main choice when it comes to hot beverages.

    14. I am well aware of the benifits of driking tea and although I am not a huge fan, I do like some of my favorite drinking tea.

    15. This is why I'm fond of drinking tea. It has many health benefits.

    16. i hate the taste of tea... I like drinking coffee better.

    17. I'm a tea drinker myself. I'd rather have tea than coffee. And I like my tea hot and with just a little bit of honey or sugar. No milk teas for me. :-) Not only does it keep me healthy, it calms me down as well.


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