Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let's Get Organize

Working in a community pharmacy is a very way to show your talent in dealing with people. Different kind of people I should say. Your patience and capabilities are tested as well. If your work place is not pleasing and not organize, it will lead to bad scenarios. Clutter counters and cabinets will lead to confusion and troubles in finding what the costumers need.
When you are in your work post, it is your responsibility to check if everything in the area is working fine including all the machines you have there. What's annoying are the wires all over the place. I remember, during one of the busy days at work, a wire delayed the job even more because it caused accident to one of the staff. So, from that day on I fixed everything using gaffers tape . Even if it's not my job. I did it for our safety too. 

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