Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Therapeutic Interventions to Enhance Social Interaction and Quality of lIfe of the Older People

If you're a health care assistant, you should guarantee that designed therapeutic intervention for a specific individual is followed. Encourage the older person to do his regular meet up with the therapies. This is absolutely for his good.

Sometimes, the physiotherapy group or department is organizing a physiotherapy day wherein, there are games that promote the physical well-being of an individual. Let them join this kind of event for it will allow them to meet people who can be suffering from the same ailments as they have. 

In some cases, an old person who is recovering from stroke or have difficulty in speaking can participate in Karaoke sessions. It is not only practicing his/her vocal cords but also gaining friend by doing the same thing and by praising each other. 

Older people are becoming more close to God as ever. Allow them to attend church gatherings. The old ones may feel better when they are praying with others. Bible study with other older people is emotionally therapeutic for them. 

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