Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Find a Walk-in Clinic for Prompt Care

When you feel sick or hurt, time can feel like it is standing still, so it is important that you get the care you need as soon as possible. If you are dealing with the flu or any type of common sickness, infection, or aches and pains, a Marietta walk-in clinic may be the best place for you.

Along with providing treatment as needed, a walk-in clinic can also provide assistance with pain or surgery recovery and routine check-ups. They can also provide at-home care instructions to help you speed up recovery from home. Most clinics can treat patients of all ages, but you may want to call beforehand to make sure they are well equipped to handle your needs.

Paying for Treatment

Make sure to discuss pricing upfront. The last thing you want is a huge bill at the end of your appointment. Most clinics will accept certain forms of insurance, so make sure to verify that they are in your provider network. If you do not have medical insurance and need some assistance with financing your medical care, talk to your clinic about whether there are any financing or payment plan options available to meet your budget.

Shorter Waiting Time

A walk-in clinic can usually schedule appointments to ensure that you get the time and attention you deserve. However, the main benefit of an urgent care center is that you can just walk-in and expect treatment in a timely fashion, right when you need it most. Keep in mind that there will still be a wait. In fact, some patients end up waiting more than an hour in a waiting room. However, in most cases, you will still wait for far less time than you would at a doctor’s office.

If your doctor can provide an appointment right when you need it, then that is usually preferred because they have your medical history on hand and can likely provide a better patient experience overall. However, when you need a physician fast and your family doctor just cannot fit you into their busy schedule, a Marietta Walk-in Clinic will be there when you need it.


  1. When we first came here, there are many walk in clinics but they don't thrive, three of them closed already. It's great to have them around though.

  2. As much as possible though, we want to stay away from getting ourselves delivered to the Emergency. It's because it's expensive and insurance will only cover a little part of it.


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