Friday, September 13, 2013

Teaching Children Proper Technique for Brushing Their Teeth

As all adults know, brushing your teeth is important. Over many years of tooth brushing, you have mastered the technique of brushing your teeth. This technique, though, doesn’t come naturally. Children don’t naturally spend time brushing the inside or very backs of their teeth. Simply establishing a routine that involves brushing their teeth twice a day isn’t enough. They must be taught proper technique. Dental clinics such as Genesis Dental recommend that children learn the following when brushing their teeth:
  • Brush all areas.
  • Make sure the gums are brushed, too.
  • Spend adequate time brushing your teeth.
  • Floss daily.
  • Rinse with fluoride.

Brush All Areas

For children, brushing all areas is one of their weakest points. They like to spend their time brushing the front teeth. They don’t like to brush the back teeth very well and don’t spend as much time on the inside of the teeth, either. In part this is because these areas are difficult and uncomfortable to reach. Help them establish a routine where they brush the front, back, outsides, and insides each time they brush.

Brush the Gums

Brushing the gums is important. It helps stimulate blood flow and maintain healthy gums. You don’t have to brush them separately, though. Just make sure that when the children are brushing the sides of their teeth, the toothbrush is also brushing the gums.

Spend Adequate Time

The amount of time you spend brushing your teeth is important. Most dentists recommend that you spend two minutes brushing your teeth each time you do it. This can seem like a long time for children. To help them learn the time, get a little timer that they can watch such as an hour glass.

Floss Daily

Even though kids’ teeth often do not touch each other, they still need to floss every day for three reasons. First, there are some food particles that they do remove. Second, flossing helps gums stay healthy. Finally, it establishes a habit of flossing.

Rinse with Fluoride

Clinics such as Genesis Dental recommend that children rinse with fluoride after they brush their teeth. The best time is right before they go to bed so that the fluoride will stay on their teeth longer because they won’t be eating or drinking for a while.


  1. I truly agree on this one. Thank you for sharing. I know some of the facts but not all of it, having a bad experience while growing up, i ensure to take care of my kid's teeth while growing up.

  2. I've read it somewhere that flouride has neurological effects on growing kids, I don't know that's the truth in it. Thanks for the tips :)

  3. my eldest spends more than 10 mins brushing his teeth, he brushes twice and he's only 6 now and yet, he has no cavities and all, he has a very good set of teeth, while my youngest, who is 2, doesn't like to brush at all, he doesn't like the way the toothbrush touches his mouth. :(

  4. very good tips, not only good reminder for kids but for adults as well

  5. Teaching and guiding our kids on proper dental hygiene is very important.

  6. Nako! Nakakaligtaan ito hanggang may cavities na tayo! Hehehehehe!

  7. I am very particular with brushing teeth, thanks for all these, I'll have the kids read this cause they think I'm saying random stuff when I explain to them the importance of brushing one's teeth. :D

  8. I have a hard time reminding my kids to brush their teeth! Must be a boy thing :) I will let them read this, it's sure to inspire them :)

  9. we should really teach kids the importance of brushing and how to properly brush their teeth so they will grow up with that habit. Unlike me, i hate brushing when I was a kid lol

  10. As early as one year old, I've been teaching my son to brush his teeth, but it ends him playing the toothbrush. I took patience in guiding him this early and although he can't follow it properly, i know in time he will.

  11. This is very informative. Not only my little siblings can learn from this but also me! hehehehe.


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