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Treatment of Cancer

Normally, after you have been diagnosed of cancer, oncologist will then provide treatment options suitable to your type of cancer. With all the recommendations of different qualified professionals, your decision is ultimately the one to be considered. Always ask questions if you don’t understand a thing or any medical terms.

Types of Treatment of Cancer

1. Radiation Therapy

The idea of radiation therapy is to kill the cancer cells or shrink tumors using a high-energy radiation.

 Types of Radiation Therapy
a.       X-rays
b.      Gamma rays
c.       Charged particles

2. Chemotherapy

This is type of therapy that uses drugs to kill the cancer cells. This can be done by giving a pill or intravenous drugs to the patient. Upset stomach and hair loss are commonly the side effects of chemotherapy.

3. Surgery

This is done by removing the cancerous tissues or tumors. Surgery treatment is done in combination with other types of treatment such as chemotherapy of Radiation therapy.

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Other Treatment Methods
·         Biological Therapy
·         Angiogenesis Inhibitors Therapy
·         Bone Marrow Transplantation
·         Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation
·         Gene Therapy
·         Lasers
·         Targeted Cancer Therapies
·         Photodynamic Therapy

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  1. Some successfully get the healing they need and some does not recover after surgery, the latter happened to my BIL.

  2. Those treatments seem daunting but will yield positive results for some. Techonology has really made some of the impossible before possible.


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