Thursday, August 15, 2013

Programs Offered at the Best Full-Time MBA Schools

Free photo from Morguefile by hmm360If you’re ready to take your career up a notch, the best way to do that is with education. While there are thousands of programs available to you, few have the success rate that a good MBA program has. What’s even better about pursuing an MBA is that at the very best full-time MBA schools, there are several different class schedules and concentrations which can be tailored to your specific needs.

For the Recent Graduate 

If you have recently graduated from an undergraduate business program, you may want to consider either a fast, 11-month program or a more in-depth 36-month program in international business. The 11-month program is perfect for students fresh from business school because it is intense and uses everything you learned as an undergraduate to help you get your graduate degree faster. If it has been longer than a year since you graduated from a business school, this program is not for you, but there are several others that are.

…And the Not-so-Recent 

Most schools offer a two-year program for people who have been out of school longer than a year but don’t quite have the work experience required for the Executive or Professional MBA programs. If you’re interested in pursuing a two-year program, be aware that it is a full-time program and will require full-time effort. If you find you will need to work while you finish your education, most schools do offer night classes, which will allow you to attend classes after you have finished working. Don’t forget to do your homework though!

…And the Seasoned Expert

Finally, for professionals who have racked up years of business experience, there are the Professional and Executive MBA programs. Both of these programs are designed to work in conjunction with your already busy business career, usually meeting just once a week. The professional program requires 10 years of work experience, whereas the professional program requires only two.

In most cases, schools also offer a degree in international business, which usually takes about three years and requires proficiency in at least one other language. If you feel one of these programs might be right for you, it is time to affiliate yourself with one of the best full-time MBA schools in the nation by making an appointment today!

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