Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to treat older people in the workplace?

Free Photo at Morguefile by  bjwebbizDifferent people may have different attitudes toward adult co-worker. Some may have full respect to the old people. Some don’t. Nevertheless, the fact remains that old people should have equal rights as younger ones. Not because one is old, he cannot cope with his job. Mind you, these old people have valuable experiences that are very useful in making sound judgments. Assumptions are not enough bases to label the old people as weak or less-productive. 

There are certainly lots of ways to improve attitude towards older employed people. It should always start with the management. If they first show respect and gratitude to their old employees, the rest of the group will follow. Provision of opportunities to old people is always top of the line. 

The company should show their commitment to old people by allowing them to grow and develop through trainings. Old people can still learn new things. They have valuable experiences as well that can be useful to the company. In this regard, the company can give the opportunity to older people to participate in decision making or just consult them somehow. 

The company can also recognize and reward the works of the older people. This will surely boost them to work harder and will make them feel that they are still important to the company. The management should always have an open line of communication. This is the chance of old people to air their grievances, especially when there’s ageism happening within the company. With this, matter can be resolved easily leaving no misunderstanding among the employees.

by: lencilicious (also known as reallady  in Triond)

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