Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to deal with stress?

Everyday we come across different annoying things that lead us to stress. Bills to pay, work load and deadlines, bumper to bumper traffic, and different life stresses. How we respond to a situation will determine the level of our stress. If we react positively, everything will flow just fine. 

The first approach to fight stress is to identify the source of it. If you are aware what causes your troubles then it will be easy to construct a way how to end your misery. 

Life stresses like diseases, death in the family or divorce can sometimes be tricky to handle. There different things you should do to keep yourself occupied rather than staying at the corner and cry. Go out and see the world. Choose a hobby to enjoy like sewing, collection of certain stuff, buy military coins, make cards, cook, make yourself physically active, and so many other things to do. The important thing is you know how to fight stress and not to live with it everyday of your life.

Dealing with Stress

I have this piece of A4 paper on my bathroom door and what's written there reminds me of how to deal with stress. You'll find some of this funny but I tell you, it really helps. 
  1. Start your day with a prayer of thanksgiving.
  2. Sing a joyful song.
  3. Dance with your sweetheart.
  4. Eat breakfast with your special someone.
  5. Watch a funny movie. 
  6. Read your bible. 
  7. Look at the photos on your phone.
  8. Walk for few minutes after each meal. 
  9. Un-clutter your house. 
  10. Cook while listening to a beautiful song.
  11. Send a short message to your love one.
  12. Have time for yourself. 
  13. Eat out once in while. 
  14. Take a bath. 
  15. Talk to a plant or pet. 
  16. Exercise your jaws few times. 
  17. Don't look at your bank account every minute. 
  18. Avoid too much social networking. 
  19. Turn off your phone for few hours. 
  20. Eat your favorite ice cream. 
  21. Try to praise someone and not to criticize anyone. 
  22. Eat healthy. 
  23. Hum a jingle. 
  24. Mimic a movie line. 
  25. Watch a baby laugh and smile.
  26. Smile to someone even to a stranger. 
  27. Sing a Christmas song. 
  28. Play with kids. 
  29. Leave work early (make sure you tell your boss).
  30. Exercise. Eat. Love. Pray.
These are just my ways of fighting stress. You may have different approach. Care to share? Just comment below. 


  1. I admit, my present work is stressful! I should take down your tips here and always keep in mind. Thanks for sharing

  2. This habits can really reduce stress and make you day lighter.

  3. What a lengthy list of possible actions to get rid of stress. They are really practical and easy to follow them.

  4. I like your list sis, I would like that in my bathroom as well. To remind me every morning.

  5. so many options to deal with stress, simple things in life such as in the list really are very helpful in getting rid of stress.

  6. These tips are really helpful to especially right now when stress is like a disease enveloping my mental and physical strength.

  7. That's a very nice list sis. I hear ya! I've been in a very stressful department and job for the last 12 years. I got very sickly and even had pneumonia at one point due to weakened immune system brought about by stress. It was a waking point for me. I told myself that I wouldn't let stress get me because I have a family who loves me. So, I did most of the things in your list and a whole lot of praying. But the best thing I did during that time when I was so stressed, I decided to remove my stressors which were my previous bosses. I moved to a new department in the same salary bracket just to get out. It was the best decision ever! Now, my health has improved. I am a lot happier. I am at peace with myself. I no longer see the people who created so much stress in my life and I am very thankful for that.

    Sometimes, you also have to address the stressor. It can be overwhelming tasks, noise, environment and the people around you. Try to remove some if you can. It may be difficult at first but once you have done that, you'll find that life is better without people nor stuff that causes you stress. If it can't be done, simply ignore them and move on. There are better things to think about and do than to worry about riff raffs around you. :)

  8. Thank you for these sis. I need this right now hahaha. Exercising, cleaning the house, and praying are the most effective for me in distressing.

  9. Great tips. But what works for me is when I'm stressed is running. I run til my legs grow tired then I feel better.:) weird...


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