Four Questions to Ask a Landlord before Signing a Lease

When students are looking for Louisiana Tech housing, generally they are more concerned about the amenities the apartment offers, whether or not they can get a private room, and who their roommates will be. How much the rent will be is also a concern. Just as your potential landlord is interested in what type of individual he or she is renting to, you should be interested in what type of rental agreement you will be entering into. Following are four questions that an individual should ask about his or her rent before signing a lease:

  • Where and how do I pay the rent?
  • What happens if I am late with the rent?
  • What other fees will be charged?
  • Is the deposit refundable?

Where to Pay Rent

Many student apartments will accept rent for an entire semester or year. If not, you need to know where you submit your rent each month. Find out how they want the rent paid. For instance, do they want cash or check, or will do they have capabilities to handle electronic funds transfers?

Late Rent

Every apartment complex has a different policy regarding the due date for rent. For example, some offer a three-day grace period while others do not. Some complexes begin eviction notices if rent isn’t paid within five days. Some will charge a one-time late fee, while others charge a base late fee and an additional daily late fee.

Other Fees

Many contracts include fees other than a late rent fee. Breakage of contract fee is a common fee that will be charged to you if you vacate the apartment before the end of your lease. This fee is often double the amount of the rent. Also, there might be extra fees for pets or guests.

Refundable Deposit

Generally, LouisianaTech Housing apartments will ask for a security deposit that is refundable. However, many landlords have clauses that will retain part of a deposit. Some of the retention could be pre-established, such as a carpet cleaning deposit to have the carpet professionally cleaned between renters. The deposit may also be retained based on whether or not the apartment was damaged or dirty when the renters moved out.
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  1. It is a must that you have a full understanding of what you are signing for.

  2. I agree with you sis Len. We really need to ask those questions before we sign up on a leasing contract. And it's also wise to read the fine print.

    We used to lease our townhouse back in QC and we have a contract for the lessee to sign to protect him/her and us for any eventualities like if the lessee decides to abscond or do some serious damage on our property or even skip payt.


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