Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Computer Trouble?

Nowadays, computers are very important in running any type of business may it be a food chain, drugstore, retail outlet, even a coffee shop. Retail Pharmacy for instance requires a computer with a fast speed to cope with the tasks at hand from entering deliveries to dispensing of prescription. Mostly everywhere, you’ll see that computer helps a business to stay operational. 

If you think your computer is a slowing down, you might need a disk defragmentation. This will help in rearranging files in your computer hard disk that were fragmented overtime. So, before getting a new unit, make sure to consider this solution first.  


  1. It's been a while I haven't defrag my computer. It takes hours when doing that. Gotta set a date when.

  2. It'as been a while since I did defragmentation. Somehow, I uninstalled it and did not know how to put it back on, sigh.

  3. We run the disk defrag on ours, it always seems to clear up issues that help slow it down.


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