Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WHO | Tobacco Control

According to WHO the consumption of tobacco is increasing worldwide but the dramatic decrease of use is seen in upper level and middle level countries. 

There are ways that were proven effective in order to prevent people from smoking or decrease the number of people smoking. 
  1. Tax increase of tobacco
  2. Tobacco Ad bans 
  3. Warning through photos
Here's the six WHO MPOWER measures on tobacco control:
  • Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies
  • Protect people from tobacco use
  • Offer help to quit tobacco use
  • Warn about the dangers of tobacco
  • Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship
  • Raise taxes on tobacco.
Let us all remember that tobacco kills up to half of the users. Don't be one of them.

WHO | Tobacco


  1. I honestly think tobacco should be banned or people could finally quit. It kills my child when we go out in public and people are outside building smoking their brains out as we are entering. My son has severe asthma and lung problems, I quit and my husband quit because of my son mainly. He get's so sick coughing when he is around it, which we try not to allow at all. I also think the tobacco makers should be sued for putting such a dangerous product out there, realistically it's no worse then drugs. They all kill you!

  2. Smoking not only affects the health of a smoker but most specially the second hand smokers. I hope that warning through photos may smokers stop their bad habit.

  3. It's a vice that is very unhealthy and directly corrupting the body.


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