Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Read the Labels of Food and Dietary Products

All consumers are advised to read food and dietary product labels before using them. We must be aware that food or any other dietary supplement are not drugs and must not considered as such. Just recently, it was come to FDA's attention that there's a food product containing 500mg Cayenne Powder. It was written in the label that the product is Appetite Suppressant and Fat Metabolizer which was not proven as such in FDA clinical trials. This kind of thing is what FDA trying to prevent.
FDA are advising every consumer to verify the authenticity of the manufacturer, product and claims. You check all these in FDA Philippines Official Website. Please carefully read the following FDA Advisory for your information.

Resource: FDA Philippines


  1. That's my husband's expertise. He reads everything in the label. I seldom do, which I should change.

  2. I agree with you. At least for me, I have to out of necessity because I am allergic to medications (it's a trial and error thing) and my reaction can be very mild to life-threatening. So, I always carry a list of meds that I have ingested without any reactions and another list with those I have taken and had bad reactions.


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