Friday, July 12, 2013

Pilipinas Go4 Health

Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag is again doing his dance move to promote Pilipinas Go4 Health. Allow me to quote the goal of this healthy lifestyle movement of DOH and its partners. 
It aims to inform and encourage Filipinos from all walks of life to practice a healthy lifestyle by making a personal commitment to physical activity, proper nutrition, and the prevention or cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption. Through the movement, DOH and its partners work together to promote and establish a sustainable environment for healthy living. 
Here's a Pilipinas Go4 Health Flashmob at Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz, Binondo Manila last June 6, 2013.

GO smoke-free
GO sustansya
GO sigla
GO slow sa tagay

Let's make a choice and make it a great one. You can register to Pilipinas Go4Health Movement to receive healthy tips and exclusive updates about health and events from the movement.

Stay healthy and happy everyone. 


  1. this is great to know, I do my best to live a healthy and active lifestyle free from alcohol and smoking, and I am glad smoking and alcohol are not popular thus I am almost smoke free, almost, because there are still smoke from cars that I smell everyday, but I have not been near anyone who smokes for years, well, since I moved here in San Diego, except once when a smoker friend visited me, but thankfully he realized how strict the laws are here that he did not attempt to smoke anymore in public places.

  2. Galing namang sumayaw! Staying healthy and fit is like being wealthy as well.

    Speaking of LOrenzo Ruiz, the Filipino community here celebrated the feast of the Filipino martyrs here last weekend.

  3. Secretary Tayag has a very creative way to get the attention of the masa. But it would be better if, poverty be address.

  4. Assec Eric Tayag is really a very funny and innovative man. He is really deserving of his post... :)
    His ways of promoting healthy lifestyle are notch above the past since after Flavier time...

  5. This is a very good initiative of the Department of Health. I'm happy that Assec Tayag is trying his best to bring their message to Filipinos.

  6. That would be a huge help for everyone to help them lessen and stop unhealthy choices.

  7. I also love this idea, inspiring us to work it out and live a healthy lifestyle :)

  8. Sec. Eric Tayag is really giving information about health in a creative way that most people could understand.


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