Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Keep Your Medicine Cabinet Tidy

Keeping your medicine cabinet organize is something you need to do seriously otherwise harmful incidents will arise rather than relief from pains. This include checking of expiration dates. Throwing away the old medicines is very important. Expired drugs are dangerous and can worsen the condition. 

We are also advised by doctors to refrain from removing drugs into its original container, keep its label and arrange everything according to use. In this case, wrong use of drugs will be avoided.

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  1. My husband tend to keep old meds but I always ditched those that aren't need or expired already. Thanks for this helpful tips!

  2. We keep all the med's even the old ones. They say the only weaken. I mean you never know today what could happen and I say keep em all! lol but I always was called a pack rat. Thanks for the tips though!


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