Monday, July 29, 2013

Eliminating Distractions at Work

Too much distractions at work are annoying. When I am working from home, I often use a headphone like ortofon headphones at guitar center to listen to my favorite music album. This type of earpiece helps me to concentrate more on what I'm doing.

Allow me to enumerate some features of this type of headphone. It is a closed design and foldable. The frequency will range from 10 - 20,000 Hz. The sound pressure level is up to 112 dB. It helps minimize the noise in the outside surrounding. The sound coming out of the headset is very good and really high standard. Pretty good one for my need, isn't it?

Usually in a retail pharmacy, the work load is so draining. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy with my job and I love every bit of it from reading the prescription to patient counselling. What I don't like are the exasperating instances that distracts me in some way. There are noises coming from outside of your work area that lead you at a certain point to have your focus shaken. Just for example an angry customer at the till or a co-worker who talks a lot. If only I can bring a headphone at my day job, I'll do so. 

What are the distractions at your workplace? What do you do about it?


  1. there are lots of distractions not only in my workplace but especially in studying my lesson.. and as of now i need headphones so bad so i can listen to the audio lectures of some of the lessons in law school especially that i don't have much time to glue my eyes on the book. and I've been going to the store hoping to buy headphone but the queue is always too long and i don't have much time to wait too... am always a busy Mom.. hope i'll have my headphone soon...

  2. So you are working na sis? When I was still working, conlstant distraction are students who comes to our office asking questions and stuff .

  3. I think i need one like that at home too. I have very loud kids.

  4. those are really nice headphones. we use big headphones especially when mowing. those are also nice when listening to music.


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