Monday, July 29, 2013

Eliminating Distractions at Work

Too much distractions at work are annoying. When I am working from home, I often use a headphone like ortofon headphones at guitar center to listen to my favorite music album. This type of earpiece helps me to concentrate more on what I'm doing.

Allow me to enumerate some features of this type of headphone. It is a closed design and foldable. The frequency will range from 10 - 20,000 Hz. The sound pressure level is up to 112 dB. It helps minimize the noise in the outside surrounding. The sound coming out of the headset is very good and really high standard. Pretty good one for my need, isn't it?

Usually in a retail pharmacy, the work load is so draining. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy with my job and I love every bit of it from reading the prescription to patient counselling. What I don't like are the exasperating instances that distracts me in some way. There are noises coming from outside of your work area that lead you at a certain point to have your focus shaken. Just for example an angry customer at the till or a co-worker who talks a lot. If only I can bring a headphone at my day job, I'll do so. 

What are the distractions at your workplace? What do you do about it?

To Eat and Not To Eat

It is not a secret to every one that foods play important roles to stay beautiful and healthy. Including them in your diet will give so much benefits. As much of being aware of what to eat, we should also have knowledge of what to avoid. Here are some beauty foods tips that will benefit us from head to toes. 

To Eat:

  • Water is the first vital component that we should have. In order to keep hydrated, you should drink enough about 1 - 1.5 liters a day. Enough water helps in promoting good digestion. It also helps in keeping your skin looks healthy and your hair shiny.
  • Eat plenty of anti-aging fruits and vegetables. Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C, potassium and anti-oxidants that will keep your skin glowing. Apples can make your skin healthy and smooth. Eat it with the skin on. 
  • There are certain types cheese that can prevent cavities and even block bacteria in the mouth. These are swiss, gouda and cheddar. 
  • Non-fat yogurt is good source of calcium that promotes healthy oral cavity. Choose the one that is not very sweet. Read the labels to check this. 
  • In order for our hair to construct protein, food rich in zinc must be eaten like meat and seafoods. This helps in preventing hair loss. Protein coming from meat, milk, fish and cheese can make your hair stronger. 
  • To prevent your skin from having unpleasant red spots and wrinkles, consider eating plenty of salmon since the Omega 3 present in it will help you attain that. 
  • Tomatoes give us lycopene that will protect our skin against damage caused by the sun. 

Not To Eat:
  • Avoid eating too much fatty foods or deep-fried foods because they can make your skin dry.
  • Don't eat late at night especially when it is past 8 in the evening. This will only make you feel bloated and tired next day. 
  • Too much carbohydrates and salty foods are bad since it promotes water retention more and can also lead you to gain more weight. 
Before doing any diet plan, make sure that you consult your doctor first. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Read the Labels of Food and Dietary Products

All consumers are advised to read food and dietary product labels before using them. We must be aware that food or any other dietary supplement are not drugs and must not considered as such. Just recently, it was come to FDA's attention that there's a food product containing 500mg Cayenne Powder. It was written in the label that the product is Appetite Suppressant and Fat Metabolizer which was not proven as such in FDA clinical trials. This kind of thing is what FDA trying to prevent.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Boie Drug Inc. is in need of Registered Pharmacist who's willing to be assigned in Alabang Muntinlupa and Las Pinas branch. For more details about the said available position, please read more below.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Choice of Music

  • If you're up to playing musical instruments, its vital to choose the branded one. Even for tools like stands of all sorts, cheap pro line at musicians friend are excellent choices. 

I know you've been wondering why I keep on blogging about musical instrument. Well, being a pharmacist is not easy. And listening to music makes everything lighter especially after a difficult day at work. I'm sure you'll agree with me on that. 

I listen to different music genre. Slow, rock, RnB, Gospel, Love, Country, among others. Well, depends on my mood and where I am. One thing I wish I can do is play musical instrument which is one of my frustrations. Never too old to learn but given the busy schedule, I don't think I can squeeze that soon. 

Keep Your Medicine Cabinet Tidy

Keeping your medicine cabinet organize is something you need to do seriously otherwise harmful incidents will arise rather than relief from pains. This include checking of expiration dates. Throwing away the old medicines is very important. Expired drugs are dangerous and can worsen the condition. 

Holiday of a Pharmacist

Having a vacation in Paris is one thing and choosing the right place to stay is another one.

I was given a chance to explore Paris once in my life. I considered it as an ultimate break from a Pharmacy world. I stayed near the Arc de Triomphe and I definitely do not regret to stay there. Why? Here are my reasons.

WHO | Tobacco Control

According to WHO the consumption of tobacco is increasing worldwide but the dramatic decrease of use is seen in upper level and middle level countries. 

Not Just Another Day At The Pharmacy

Having a time out from the usual work in a pharmacy is very important in order to rejuvenate the passion and energy. But I’m happy to say that sometimes all I need to do is look at the window of my work place and I’m feeling a lot more entertained. Especially when you can see things you certainly don’t catch everyday. 

WHO | Questions and answers on electronic cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)

I know that most of us heard of the recent WHO Tobacco Free Initiative. Some smokers also shifted from cigarettes, tobacco,  or cigar to e-cigarettes with the idea that it is safer to use it rather than the regular one. But after WHO released a statement, everyone are advised to refrain using e-cigarettes until  regulatory bodies are sure that those electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) are safe to use.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hiring The Right Employee

  • It is hard to run a business on your own. In most cases, you need an employee to help you around. Hiring the right person is not going to be easy unless you now the person personally. This is critical because the person you will employ may help you succeed or may lead you to failure. 

There are companies who can do the pre-employment screening and criminal background check. You can check background checks here

If you don't go to that route, you might have to do every single checking by yourself. That includes calling previous employers, neighbours and the list go on just to verify the identity and qualification of the person.

Before you hire someone, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for and what you hope that person can offer you. You don't want to end up with someone who's just going to be a lazy cat or someone who will just give you headaches. 

Be smart and be careful, besides it is your business. 

Pilipinas Go4 Health

Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag is again doing his dance move to promote Pilipinas Go4 Health. Allow me to quote the goal of this healthy lifestyle movement of DOH and its partners. 
It aims to inform and encourage Filipinos from all walks of life to practice a healthy lifestyle by making a personal commitment to physical activity, proper nutrition, and the prevention or cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption. Through the movement, DOH and its partners work together to promote and establish a sustainable environment for healthy living. 
Here's a Pilipinas Go4 Health Flashmob at Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz, Binondo Manila last June 6, 2013.

GO smoke-free
GO sustansya
GO sigla
GO slow sa tagay

Let's make a choice and make it a great one. You can register to Pilipinas Go4Health Movement to receive healthy tips and exclusive updates about health and events from the movement.

Stay healthy and happy everyone. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do You Need Prescription Glasses?

July 10, 2013
Do you feel dizzy? Does headache keeps on bothering you? Why not visit an Optometrist? It could be your eyes.

Free Photo by Click (Morguefile)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June 2013 Pharmacist Licensure Examination Results

Gone are the days of waiting, the results are in. 1,385 examinees passed the recent Pharmacist Licensure Examination and will be joining us in practicing our profession. Congratulations to all of you and may you all have brighter future ahead of you. 

X-ray Diffraction

Medical implants, solar, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and aircraft samples are the materials most often analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD). If the sample is very small or only a small area on a larger piece is necessary then micro-diffraction is an option. 
2D Detector at X-ray Wizards

Hair Care Tips

We always hear, "a woman's crowning glory is her hair". With this in mind, many hair products are available in different beauty shop. But you know what, we don't need to spend more in order to have a lovely and healthy hair. 

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