I like Drums

My desire of learning to play an instrument started when I was active in church activities. Most of my friends knew how to strum and hit the drums. I tried to play a guitar but my fingers were not so flexible for the strings. I like violin too. But I am not so sure if its for me.

Ever since, I love to have drums. My dear friend taught me few tricks with the sticks. And he said, I have potential to become a good drummer. Okay then, I am now convinced to get one. Every time I go to a bar or studio, I always see Dynasty Drums. It sounds good and its price is not so expensive. I'm thinking of buying one but I need to check around first. 

What musical instrument do you like to have? 
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  1. Hello, sis! I didn't know you love the drums. Cool! :-) I used to played the piano when I was a kid. I rarely do that now. I love the drums but not so good with it.


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