Saturday, June 1, 2013

Leg Lengthening

Leg lengthening is becoming popular nowadays not only to solve problems of those with deformities in their legs but also for aesthetic purposes. In year 2011, one surgeon in West Palm Beach performed 650 of this type of surgery. Most patients who signed for this kind of procedure is not to correct any deformities. 

This surgery is not as simple as using coupling nuts to join bones. When I first read about this, I can feel how painful this could be. Imagine, a surgeon will cut the leg bone and will insert a rod that will be adjusted 1mm everyday. The bone will be allowed to heal by itself, encouraging increase to the leg length. It will take 3-9 months before a person can fully see the outcome. This justify the saying, "There's no gain without pain."


Osteotomy is the medical term for cutting the bones for the purpose of shortening, lengthening or change of alignment. The surgery cost is ranging from $25,000 - $85,000. 

Would you consider this to add few inches on your current height?

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