Saturday, June 22, 2013

FDA Ban Food Products Contaminated With Maleic Acid

Recently, FDA Philippines released an advisory about banning food products that have been tested with the presence of Maleic acid. What is it and why it is not approved to be an additive for food products?

Maleic acid is an organic compound, other known as toxic acid or dicarboxylic acid. It is composed of two carboxyl groups giving us the molecular formula of HOCOCH:CHOOH, written as follows:

The uses of Maleic Acid is basically for creating Maleate Salts to be used in bulk production of medicines such as Chlorphenamine Maleate and Pheneramine Maleate. In other words, Maleic acid in its original state is not fit to incorporate to anything to be ingested, may it be drug or food. If a person consumed this Maleic Acid in a long period of time, his or her kidney will be harmed which will render danger to his or her over all wellness.

FDA Philippines is now monitoring food products specifically those coming from Taiwan since the reported contaminated food products originate there. In light of this advisory, our government is hoping that we should not only take their advisories as cheap flyers but instead our actions are well appreciated. We can report to them if in case you come across any of these products during your trip in a grocery. To guide us what food products to avoid buying, see the following list from FDA Philippines.

FDA Advisory: Ban on Food Products Contaminated With Maleic Acid

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