Friday, June 21, 2013

Benefits of Swimming in Seawater

When the month of May comes, we always thought of having a nice day near the seashore. All the famous beaches start to populate during summer season. I know you can’t resist marching on the fine sand of Boracay with your la blanca swimwear. But hey, getting attention because of your lovely figure on a lovely bikini is not the only benefit you can get. 

Swimming in sea seawater has amazing health benefits. I remember my mother used to bring us near Manila Bay. Oh, let me specify that it was on 1990 and before that; back when the air near there was still fresh. When we have colds, we feel better after a short trip near the sea. 

Seawater is composed of minerals, vitamins and other elements that our body can easily absorbed. This then help boost our immune system. Even if we only inhale the mist coming from seawater, the effect is the same.

If you will also notice, when we go for a swim in the sea, our skin pores open, thereby allowing our body to expel out toxins and absorbing sea minerals. Those minerals improve our skin appearance and pretty much hydrating our skin.

Our bodies can heal naturally and it is stimulated significantly when swimming in warm seawater. So if you are suffering from certain diseases or conditions like asthma, arthritis or even simple pain, you may want to consider dipping in seawater to feel better. How is that possible? The key element for this is magnesium. Magnesium being present in seawater helps in relaxing our muscles thereby increasing calmness and reducing stress. Amazing isn’t it?

Stress and poor diet lessen essential minerals of our body that leads to poor circulation. Again, swimming in seawater can also improve our blood circulation by restoring those minerals such as oxygen.

With all these benefits stated, we can now justify very well why we want to go to the beach. 


  1. I love swimming in the ocean and rivers. I resent swimming in the pool here hahaha, so conscious about my bilbil.

  2. oh, I am excited and happy reading this, since I am often at the beach and get in the water too :) anyway, yes, when I was younger, my mom also would always bring us to the beach especially when we feel sick

  3. My parents used to take us to the breakwater at Roxas Blvd. every Sunday morning after we hear mass. I remember sitting near the big rocks, with my feet on the water and can see little fish swimming. And that was in the 70's when I was born (1972 hehehe, martial law baby!). I feel better after a brief walk near the seawater of Manila Bay because of its therapeutic effects of seawater.

    Your post brought back very happy memories of my childhood. Life back then was simple and everything was clean...and safe.


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