Sunday, May 19, 2013

Warning for Girls

May18. 2013

Being safe and secure is the main concern of all people nowadays. Anywhere in the world there are people who sees women as their target for different bad intentions. Sad to hear that there are ladies who become victims of rape and assault. Some are abducted and kept for years as sex slaves just like the recent case in Cleveland, IS. 

Glad to know that in some countries, acquiring some tools like pepper spray is allowed. There ae also stun guns for sale that girls can have in their bags while shopping around or out at night for some party. In fact, there are plenty of design to choose from such as pen, flashlight and cellphone styles.

Just simple warning for girls:

  1. Avoid dark places especially when you are alone. 
  2. Be alert at all times. 
  3. Scan your surrounding when walking and getting into places. 
  4. Carry something to protect you like stun guns, pepper spray or even an umbrella. 
  5. Don't stay out late. 


  1. Pepper spray is something that I have been wanting to buy.

  2. Thanks for the reminders. It would also help for ladies not to wear revealing clothes especially when alone.


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