Sunday, May 19, 2013

Volunteer Pharmacist Abroad

May18. 2013

I was given a chance to work as a volunteer pharmacist in private hospital abroad. I signed up for that because I want to see whether working in a different environment will keep me in persuing my career in foreign land.

I am very much pleased with the system they have abroad. Being a clinical pharmacist is not a joke and I am so honored to see how one function in such a busy surrounding.

The job routine starts at the hospital pharmacy before heading to different assigned units. There each pharmacist will check any pending administrative jobs, checking their patients and review few things concerning the previous cases. After that they will head to the unit, for instance in ICU, and with with doctors, nurses and other staffs there. The course of treatment will depend primarily to what the group decided to give.

From there the pharmacists will head back to the pharmacy where they will input the doctors order (based on the prescription) in the computer. Then the pharmacy technician will recieved the order in their computers and will print it. They will enter the order number in the dispensing control computer and upon pressing the 'Dispense' in the machine, the robot will automatically dispense the order right in front of you.

From that point on, all you need to do is to double check if everything is dispensed as prescribed. The last touch will be the dispensing pharmacist. The latter is in-charge of bagging every medicine per patient before putting them into tray for delivery in the unit.

I am so amazed with how everything works there. It may sound so complicated but after few days, I'm glad I got used to it. I noticed that they are using a high level antivirus system like avira antivirus premium. This helps them to work with minimum acceptable trouble in their computers.

Overall, I love the system of working in a pharmacy abroad. I'm delighted to experience that. I think, I can cope with the job. I just hope I can get an opportunity to work in different country or at least given a chance to share what I learned. 

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