Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Benefits of Yoga

I've read in different books and magazines that Yoga has lots of health benefits. Knowing its existence for 5,000 years, I will not doubt that. I heard a lot of stories too that can verify the claims.

Yoga when done in proper ways can help improve flexibility, strength, posture, and breathing. Series of yoga poses must be done in order to achieve each of these benefits. 'Asanas' is a style of yoga to achieve a more flexible body while 'Astanga and Yoga Power' are the most common style to improve strength. If both flexibility and strength are achieved, posture will definitely follow as well as proper breathing.

People who are stress can also benefit from yoga because it can help to become more calm. There are plenty of biochemical responses happening during yoga and even after yoga. Meaning to say, the hormones in our bodies reacts actively in yoga. The dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine levels were decreased making the person more calm. And other more reactions.

Others also said that yoga is so beneficial in different medical conditions like asthma, insomia, arthritis, back pain and even multiple sclerosis. There are some studies to prove these.

Before starting your yoga, you should consult your doctor. There experts on yoga that you can approach to help you too. Make sure to wear proper clothes and use thick yoga mat. This is for your own protection and comfort too. 

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