Friday, May 10, 2013

Spending My Summer

During summer, we keep ourselves busy into different things. During this time of the year, conventions and other professional gatherings are held. 

I attended a short course to enhance my knowledge in terms of patient counseling. It’s a pretty nice experience since I got to learn new things and even recall of things I’ve learned in the past. I will share them with you in my next blog posts.
At the end of our class, a group of ballerinas do an extra ordinary performance to lighten the mood. If I only knew that, I should have visited for recital gifts to give those amazing kids.

Anyway, I just stopped by to let you know as well that we should make use of every moment we see to keep ourselves informed of our chosen field of practice. It will surprise us dearly how much we can help with what we know.

Have a wonderful summer. 

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