Friday, May 31, 2013

Opening a Retail Pharmacy

I attended an opening of a retail pharmacy of my friend last week. A very talented musician graced the event. His songs and amazing talent in playing a guitar made the day lively and fun.  I am not familiar with types of guitars or even brands but what he had that night is so beautiful and really have a beautiful sound. I think it looks like the loar from musicians friend.

It’s true that in any occasion, music will simply makes everything magical and memorable. There are plenty of ways to make a business launching successful. You can invite an artist, have games and give-aways, consider having a discount cards and most importantly don't forget lunch or dinner buffet.

The opening was a huge success and I'm glad that everything goes well that day. I hope for more favorable results to my friend on her new chosen field of practice and for her new business. 

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