Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Reduce the Risks of Drug Interactions

If you and I are both taking the same drug, it doesn't mean our body will respond to it similarly. Many factors affect how our body reacts to certain medication such as the following:

  1. Age
  2. Genes
  3. Body size and weight
  4. Tolerance or resistance to medication
  5. If taking other drugs or supplements
  6. Existence of disease
  7. Food
  8. Drug dosage
  9. Time and frequency of intake
  10. Drug storage

Here are some few reminders in order to avoid the three types of drug interaction (drug-drug interaction, drug-food interaction and drug-disease interaction).
  1. Consult a doctor before taking any drugs even the over-the-counter ones. 
  2. Ask your doctor what food  and drinks to avoid while using certain drugs.
  3. Inform your doctor if you are currently on other medicines.
  4. Listen carefully to your doctor's instruction about the dosage and frequency of taking the drug.
  5. Store your medicines in proper places. This is written on the label if not ask the pharmacist.
  6. You must always read the labels.
  7. All medicines should be kept in their original container.
  8. Completely filled prescription is surrendered to the pharmacy, photocopy them so you'll have a record of what medication you've taken. Or you can keep a notebook where you can write all the  drugs and supplements you are taking. 
  9. Any unexpected effect or adverse effect that may arise during the course of treatment must be reported to the pharmacist or doctor.  


  1. When it comes to medicine, I rely on my husband, he knows more about it than me.

  2. I for one, don't really take drugs whenever I have a cold or headache. If I can still bear the pain, I wouldn't really take any. So if there's an alternative relief I can take or do other than taking drugs, I would go for it for sure. :)

  3. good tips here. I also asked my doctor kung ano ang pwede at not for every drug he prescribed me. Mahirap na, baka maging adik ulit. LOL


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