Friday, May 31, 2013

Effective Way of Health Education

Our Department of Health is really doing great in terms of spreading the news on how to avoid diseases. I applaud Department of Health (DOH) Assistant Secretary and spokesperson, Dr. Eric Tayag for using his dance moves to reach out to all Filipinos towards wellness and fitness. He can clearly inform us about important health matter and entertain us at the same time. Pretty effective, isn't it?

Dr. Tayag dancing against obesity and heart disease.

In abroad, aside from giving away leaflets, health officers are also using TV commercials to inform the public about certain issues. I know we are also doing that in our dear country. The difference is that, they work with different private drugstores and hospitals to place dual monitor stand. One monitor is consistently showing different health topics while the other one is a touch screen making it easy to navigate if a person needs to know something concerning his/her health.

This may sound expensive but as I heard, this method also educates the public even more.

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