Friday, May 31, 2013

Opening a Retail Pharmacy

I attended an opening of a retail pharmacy of my friend last week. A very talented musician graced the event. His songs and amazing talent in playing a guitar made the day lively and fun.  I am not familiar with types of guitars or even brands but what he had that night is so beautiful and really have a beautiful sound. I think it looks like the loar from musicians friend.

It’s true that in any occasion, music will simply makes everything magical and memorable. There are plenty of ways to make a business launching successful. You can invite an artist, have games and give-aways, consider having a discount cards and most importantly don't forget lunch or dinner buffet.

The opening was a huge success and I'm glad that everything goes well that day. I hope for more favorable results to my friend on her new chosen field of practice and for her new business. 

Dancing Dr. Tayag

Just want to share this with you all. This will definitely make you laugh and learn things from Department of Health (DOH) assistant secretary and spokesperson Dr. Eric Tayag.

Dr. Tayag in Gandang Gabi Vice

Effective Way of Health Education

Our Department of Health is really doing great in terms of spreading the news on how to avoid diseases. I applaud Department of Health (DOH) Assistant Secretary and spokesperson, Dr. Eric Tayag for using his dance moves to reach out to all Filipinos towards wellness and fitness. He can clearly inform us about important health matter and entertain us at the same time. Pretty effective, isn't it?

Dr. Tayag dancing against obesity and heart disease.

In abroad, aside from giving away leaflets, health officers are also using TV commercials to inform the public about certain issues. I know we are also doing that in our dear country. The difference is that, they work with different private drugstores and hospitals to place dual monitor stand. One monitor is consistently showing different health topics while the other one is a touch screen making it easy to navigate if a person needs to know something concerning his/her health.

This may sound expensive but as I heard, this method also educates the public even more.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Reduce the Risks of Drug Interactions

If you and I are both taking the same drug, it doesn't mean our body will respond to it similarly. Many factors affect how our body reacts to certain medication such as the following:

  1. Age
  2. Genes
  3. Body size and weight
  4. Tolerance or resistance to medication
  5. If taking other drugs or supplements
  6. Existence of disease
  7. Food
  8. Drug dosage
  9. Time and frequency of intake
  10. Drug storage

Here are some few reminders in order to avoid the three types of drug interaction (drug-drug interaction, drug-food interaction and drug-disease interaction).
  1. Consult a doctor before taking any drugs even the over-the-counter ones. 
  2. Ask your doctor what food  and drinks to avoid while using certain drugs.
  3. Inform your doctor if you are currently on other medicines.
  4. Listen carefully to your doctor's instruction about the dosage and frequency of taking the drug.
  5. Store your medicines in proper places. This is written on the label if not ask the pharmacist.
  6. You must always read the labels.
  7. All medicines should be kept in their original container.
  8. Completely filled prescription is surrendered to the pharmacy, photocopy them so you'll have a record of what medication you've taken. Or you can keep a notebook where you can write all the  drugs and supplements you are taking. 
  9. Any unexpected effect or adverse effect that may arise during the course of treatment must be reported to the pharmacist or doctor.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Healthy Baby Bump

If you are watching in Discovery Health Channel, there is one program (I Didn't Know I was Pregnant) that features moms who doesn't know they are pregnant until they are ready to give birth. It's amazing that babies are born healthy in most cases. But I say and I believe most of you will agree, it's not advisable to go through stages of pregnancy without consulting a doctor. The risks are still there for the mother and the baby.

While doing my regular checking of email, I come across an article from Health Today concerning things that a first-time expectant mother must know.

  1. If you are planning to get pregnant, take Folic Acid. That is to support healthy brain development of the baby during the first eight weeks. 
  2. Balanced diet is important too. Take the supplements prescribed by doctor but don't forget to eat variety of healthy food. There are foods to avoid such as alcohol, sodas, coffee, and sweets. Ask your doctor for the list so you'll be guided accordingly. 
  3. Most pregnant women complain on back pains which is normal because of the abdomen getting big due to enlarging uterus. Doctors advise is to practice good posture in sitting and standing. You can also ask your doctor for few exercise tips that can help to ease the pain. 
  4. Our heart plays an important role in pregnancy that is why women needs to improve cardiovascular health. Exercises that will support your body weight or will not lead you to accidents are recommended for this purpose. Walking, stationary biking or swimming are few of the doctors recommendations. 
  5. As day past, changes in your body will show such as pimples. You may also have discharges and heartburn. Before it even happen, you can ask your doctor for things you can do if you are uncomfortable with these changes. 
  6. Frequent urination is very common to pregnant woman so don't be irritated about it.
  7. Before delivering your baby, prepare everything you need. Have them ready in a bag that your husband can easily bring when the water bag broke. 
  8. Most importantly, be happy always. It will make your pregnancy lighter and not stressful.
You can read more of this by following the link below.

Fresh mom high

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

P8 Billion Health Projects For Improvement of Health of Filipino Families

"We are encouraged by the wide-ranging reforms undertaken by the Philippine Government under President Aquino, and we hope our support will help push the already growing momentum for lasting change in the country, particularly with respect to health outcomes", Ambassador Thomas added.
It's good to know that the US-Philippines bilateral health agreement is really on its way to help improve the health of Filipino families. The agreement was strengthen by the launched of 13 projects amounting to P7.96 billion
The said projects will be implemented in 48 provinces around the country that include Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. The launching was headed by Philippine Department of Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona and U.S. Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr. 

I volunteered once in a public hospital and I've seen unacceptable way of treating the patients or worse there's no free medicines to help the poor people. After so many years, the changes is now becoming beneficial for Filipino families. With the cheaper medicines and the Filipino doctors are more reliable in terms of handling their patients, I can say that our approach towards wellness is really good. 

After hearing this news from DOH Philippines, I get excited of what projects they have for Filipinos. Let's observe this for next five years and see how well they spent that large amount of money. Let's all hope for the best. 

Music After a Long Day

I've been looking around for portable keyboard from musicians friend and I remember my childhood days. My daddy bought me one of the branded pianos. During one of my trip in the county, I am amazed to see the exact model of piano in the museum. They valued it as antique and the price if bought will be very expensive. 

At this point, I'm thinking where is my music instrument now? I actually need to use something like that at the moment after a tiring day at work. 
To my personal experience, music can really lighten up the day. 

How about you? What do you do after a long day?

College of Pharmacy in Ireland

This is college of pharmacy in other country. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reminder of My Oath

May18. 2013

What rings mean to you? For me its more than a jewelry. Its meaning may vary depending on situation and relation. 

In marriage it symbolizes a never ending bond between two people in love. In group of girls or boys, it means solidarity in frienship. Some ring may also connotes belief of certain individual just like the  masonic rings at . I think I also see one of this in President Obama's right ring finger. They said it means that he is a freemason. Honestly, I don't know what it means. 

Another popular ring is the college ring which I always want to have. Not to boast my profession but to remind myself what I oath after I received my diploma and license. How about you, do you have a college ring? 

FDA Advisory: Counterfeit Ofloxacin

May18. 2013

The following is FDA Advisory concerning counterfeit Ofloxacin :
Please be advised that the brand of Ofloxacin with brand name Inoflox and Lot No. 6647251 was found to be counterfeit (i.e. no active ingredient) upon drug analysis done by the Bureau of Food and Drugs.  Since Biomedis Inc. has confirmed that this product was not manufactured by their company, please check the lot number and not to purchase Ofloxacin (Inoflox) with lot no. 6647251 to avoid untoward incidence of side effects. 
 FDA Advisory Link

Warning for Girls

May18. 2013

Being safe and secure is the main concern of all people nowadays. Anywhere in the world there are people who sees women as their target for different bad intentions. Sad to hear that there are ladies who become victims of rape and assault. Some are abducted and kept for years as sex slaves just like the recent case in Cleveland, IS. 

Glad to know that in some countries, acquiring some tools like pepper spray is allowed. There ae also stun guns for sale that girls can have in their bags while shopping around or out at night for some party. In fact, there are plenty of design to choose from such as pen, flashlight and cellphone styles.

Just simple warning for girls:

  1. Avoid dark places especially when you are alone. 
  2. Be alert at all times. 
  3. Scan your surrounding when walking and getting into places. 
  4. Carry something to protect you like stun guns, pepper spray or even an umbrella. 
  5. Don't stay out late. 

JOBS: May 18, 2013

May18. 2013



This post is a free job posting service only of Pinoy Pharmacist and makes no recommendations regarding potential employers. Applicants and employers must ensure the integrity and credibility of each other by requesting references or by asking for any additional information. Pinoy Pharmacist site owners and editors are not responsible for safety, salaries, working conditions, or any other matters concerning employment. 

Volunteer Pharmacist Abroad

May18. 2013

I was given a chance to work as a volunteer pharmacist in private hospital abroad. I signed up for that because I want to see whether working in a different environment will keep me in persuing my career in foreign land.

I am very much pleased with the system they have abroad. Being a clinical pharmacist is not a joke and I am so honored to see how one function in such a busy surrounding.

The job routine starts at the hospital pharmacy before heading to different assigned units. There each pharmacist will check any pending administrative jobs, checking their patients and review few things concerning the previous cases. After that they will head to the unit, for instance in ICU, and with with doctors, nurses and other staffs there. The course of treatment will depend primarily to what the group decided to give.

From there the pharmacists will head back to the pharmacy where they will input the doctors order (based on the prescription) in the computer. Then the pharmacy technician will recieved the order in their computers and will print it. They will enter the order number in the dispensing control computer and upon pressing the 'Dispense' in the machine, the robot will automatically dispense the order right in front of you.

From that point on, all you need to do is to double check if everything is dispensed as prescribed. The last touch will be the dispensing pharmacist. The latter is in-charge of bagging every medicine per patient before putting them into tray for delivery in the unit.

I am so amazed with how everything works there. It may sound so complicated but after few days, I'm glad I got used to it. I noticed that they are using a high level antivirus system like avira antivirus premium. This helps them to work with minimum acceptable trouble in their computers.

Overall, I love the system of working in a pharmacy abroad. I'm delighted to experience that. I think, I can cope with the job. I just hope I can get an opportunity to work in different country or at least given a chance to share what I learned. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

JOBS: May 18, 2013

May18. 2013

  • Viscal Development Corp (Metro Gaisano Group) -  Senior Pharmacist (Mambaling, Cebu City)


This post is a free job posting service only of Pinoy Pharmacist and makes no recommendations regarding potential employers. Applicants and employers must ensure the integrity and credibility of each other by requesting references or by asking for any additional information. Pinoy Pharmacist site owners and editors are not responsible for safety, salaries, working conditions, or any other matters concerning employment. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Call The Pharmacy

While browsing You Tube, I come across this video about why people should call the pharmacy when not feeling well. It's cool to see Pharmacists do this kind of video.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keep Your Heart Healthy

As day past by, people are getting hooked in dining out. Some are skeptic in terms of what to order in a restaurant. Pretty much avoiding fried foods and too much carbohydrate. That’s totally fine but for some who don’t take time scrutinizing what to eat, it will be the start of unhealthy living. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

FDA Advisory Concerning Ghost Pharmacists

Nearly a month ago, I shared in one of my blog posts about the 'ghostpharmacists' discussed by Mr. Noli De Castro and Dr. Yolanda Robles. The interview that lasted for 10 minutes was indeed an eye-opener for all the pharmacists and pharmacy owners not just in CaMaNaVa area.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Spending My Summer

During summer, we keep ourselves busy into different things. During this time of the year, conventions and other professional gatherings are held. 

I attended a short course to enhance my knowledge in terms of patient counseling. It’s a pretty nice experience since I got to learn new things and even recall of things I’ve learned in the past. I will share them with you in my next blog posts.

Job at Pointwest

Pointwest is looking for Pharmacists whose willing to work in night shifts (9pm to 6am, Mondays to Fridays). They are in need of pharmacists to function as data analysts in a US based pharmacy benefit management. Salary is higher than basic. 

For interested applicants, please send your biodata/CVs to, CC:

Get to know Pointwest


This post is a free job posting service only of Pinoy Pharmacist and makes no recommendations regarding potential employers. Applicants and employers must ensure the integrity and credibility of each other by requesting references or by asking for any additional information. Pinoy Pharmacist site owners and editors are not responsible for safety, salaries, working conditions, or any other matters concerning employment.