Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swimming Must Haves

What is inside your swim bag? Aside from the fact that it’s annoying to carry a heavy bag, there is no point of bringing stuffs that do not have use at all. So, we certainly need to think and make a list of what we really need to put inside our swim bags. 

Here’s inside my bag:
  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Bottle of water
  3. Sun glasses
  4. Beach towel
  5. Sun protection with SPF 15 or greater
  6. Swimsuits/ patagonia swimwear
  7. Hat
  8. After Sun Spray/ After Sun Soothers
  9. Nice Pair of Flip Flop
  10. Sun Protecting Lip Balm
  11. Toiletries (small containers are more convenient)
  12. Small bag for make-up (that is when I’m tired of the water and the sun)
  13. Mints
  14. Hair tie (because I have long hair, I don’t want them all over my face when swimming)
  15. A good book to read while sun bathing
  16. Waterproof Camera
  17. Small purse for money
  18. Spare clothes
  19. Mobile Phone
  20. Small notebook and pen (hey I’m a writer, these I won’t forget)

I think that’s it. How about you, what’s inside your swim bag? 


  1. Your comprehensive list just about covers everything that should be contained in the bag on a swimming adventure.

  2. Great list sis. I wish I have a water proof camera hehehe. I think I have to invest in buying a good beach hat.

  3. I think I have half of your list that I don't have in my beach bag:)But I will keep this list in mind:) thanks for sharing what's in your beach bag.

  4. This is a good tips as summer is approaching.

  5. Nice list. I am guilty of not putting first aid kit in my swimming bag. LOL

  6. very practical list, i don't really have a lot in my swim bag, maybe, i leave most in the car. i just have my wet suit, sun block, small underwater camera ( I love taking pics of fishes, etc), waterproofed cell phone, snorkeling gears, and i think, that's it. usually, after i am done in the water, i walk back to the car and get the clothes i needed to change.

  7. hmmm a complete list of items to have while enjoying the sea and sun! I would love to have an underwater camera soon! gee but I have to learn how to swim first! :) and I have to keep losing weight to fit in swimsuits hahaha, lovely post :) makes me want to head for the beach now! :)

  8. Among the list, I found out that I always carry 4 out of the 20 that's listed above every time I go to the beach.


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